AC Servo Motor, Drives & Controllers

Hiwin electronics complement our motion control components and stages, giving engineers a guaranteed compatible single-source supply for the motion control sub-system. Hiwin offers a variety of sizes of AC Servo Motors, AC Servo Drives and the HIMC Controller.



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AC Servo Motors

HIWIN AC Servo Motors offer 7 wattage options. Select a power level to see all models available, their specs and download a 3D model. Ask for information on the new EM1 Series AC Servo Motors for encoder resolution of 23 bit.

200w AC Servo Motor

Servo Motor 200W

Low inertia, small capacity (24)
400w AC Servo Motor

Servo Motor 400W

Low inertia, small capacity (24)
400w AC Servo Motor

Servo Motor 400W

Middle inertia, small capacity (16)
750w AC Servo Motor

Servo Motor 750W

Middle inertia, small capacity (24)

Servo Motor 1000W

Middle inertia, middle capacity (24)

Servo Motor 2000W

Middle inertia, middle capacity (16)

AC Servo Drives

Our servo drive solutions include the followings: high-performance drive for linear motors, shaft motors, torque motors and AC servo motors. D1 series servo drives are for linear iron-core and ironless core motors; D2T series servo drives are for AC servo motors; LMDX series are for two-axis air bearing planar motors. D1 and D2T series also support the EtherCAT field bus for high-speed industrial motion control. All these products include a multiple control interface for setups, debugging and test run. They are suitable for multiple-axis applications in automation.

Servo Drive D1

  • Excellent performance
  • Simple operation
  • Complete tool sets
  • Easy integration
  • High performance amplifier with EtherCAT
  • 100-240VAC input power
Servo Drive D1-N

Servo Drive D1-N

  • Excellently high speed response
  • Electronic gear ratio and Encoder Emulator
  • High acceleration responses
  • Built-in accuracy improvement features
  • Vibration suppression feature
  • Simple setup
  • Easy operation
  • LCD display
Servo Drive E1

Servo Drive E1

  • 3.2kHz speed response
  • Tuneless function
  • Advanced auto-tune function
  • Ripple compensation
  • Network connectivity
  • Support variety motors
  • Built-in safe torque off
  • Support multiple encoder types

Servo Drive D2T

  • Best for driving AC servo motors
  • PDL general motion language
  • Vibration Suppression
  • 200-240VAC power input
  • Supports high serial encoder
  • Supports STP / DIR, CW / CCW, A / B pulse formats (high / low speed channels)

HIMC Controller

Multi-Axis Motion Controller

Multi-axis motion control master with versatile programming capabilities for demanding industrial applications. Learn more by downloading our HIMC Catalog (PDF).

  • Up to 16 fully synchronized axes
  • Controller cycle time 250 µ-seconds
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet/IP host communication
  • Multi-task HMPL programming with maximum 64 user tasks
  • Software library supported for C/C++/C#/LabVIEW/Python
  • Support all mega-ulink 2.0 compatible drives
  • I/O module available (HIOM)
  • UL certified/CE compliant

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