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  1. HIWIN Aids Smart Factories in Transforming the Manufacturing Sector

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    At HIWIN, we are a premier manufacturer of motion control components and systems. We are fully committed to providing product solutions that help develop and maintain a better way of life and working environment. One key application for our products is smart factories.

    How HIWIN Is A Resource for Smart Factories

    Smart factories are manufacturing facilities that incorporate and implement modern production, information, and communication technologies to create highly efficient and flexible processes. They often connect robots and other automation technology with feedback and data collection systems to streamline the completion and management of tasks.
    Many industry professionals predict smart factories will be a key element in the next Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). However, without reliable and high-quality components, critical pieces may break down unexpectedly, which can lead to higher maintenance and replacement costs and longer downtime for the facility and lead times for customers.
    As an experienced provider of quality linear motion and motion control products, HIWIN supports smart factories by delivering superior and dependable smart factory components. For example, our self-lubricating systems aid in lubricating pieces that cannot be reached when the machine is fully assembled. These systems, along with our various other high-quality components, can be used to build smart factory machinery that provides optimum performance.

    Key Features of Smart Factories

    HIWIN can provide custom-sized and machined components to help build reliable smart factory systems that deliver the following features:

    1. Connected systems. Smart factories should have connected systems that allow data to be easily collected and transferred to collaborators when needed. The experts at HIWIN can provide linear guideways with sensors that continuously pull data during operations to use for optimization.
    2. Optimized operations. While smart factories are designed to allow for easy adjustments and improvements, they should be built for optimized operation from the get-go. They should have reliable and predictable production capacities, maximized asset uptime and production efficiency, and automated production and material handling capabilities with minimal human involvement and minimized production costs. HIWIN can deliver turn-key robot stations that include specific programming based on your operational needs.
    3. Little need for human intervention. Smart factories should have various automated systems designed to manufacture goods with little human intervention. At HIWIN, we can provide industrial robots and multi-axis linear stages that are built to eliminate the need for human involvement. We also offer compatible external motors, drives, and controllers to support these systems.
    4. Agile setup. An agile setup ensures a facility can adapt to changes as needed. That’s why smart factories typically have flexible scheduling and changeovers, configurable factory layouts and equipment, and quick implementation capabilities for product changes. HIWIN’s Plug and Play stages are pre-built, easy to move, and require little to no assembly to ensure a simple and easily changeable setup.

    Benefits of Smart Factories

    Smart factories can be highly beneficial to manufacturers. For example:

    • They can increase asset efficiency by shortening downtime/changeover time and increasing production capacity.
    • They can improve product/process quality by lowering the risk of error, scrap rates, lead times, and raising fill rates and yield.
    • They can reduce operational costs by allowing for more predictable inventory requirements and more effective hiring decisions and reducing process variability and latency in response to sourcing needs.
    • They can continue operation even during labor shortages by performing various actions through the use of robotics and other automated systems.

    The Importance of Quality Components in Smart Factories

    While smart factories offer a variety of benefits, they are nothing without good components. Mechanical and electrical components are key to the operation and performance of smart factories since they are integral to the motion control systems used to automate many tasks. That’s why it is important they are made with durability and reliability in mind. Components with long life service lives and low maintenance requirements serve as a solid basis for a successful automation project.

    HIWIN: Your Expert & Partner for Quality Smart Factory Components

    Looking for quality components for your smart factory project? HIWIN is the ideal source! We offer a wide range of top-rated, low-cost motion control components and systems. From ball screws and linear guideways to articulated robots and end effectors, we can help you find the right standard or custom product solution for your needs. To learn more about product offerings and how they will fit in your facility, contact us or request a quote today.