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Hiwin USA Celebrates 30th Anniversary

We are proud to announce that September 15th, 2022 marked the 30th anniversary of HIWIN Corporation’s journey in providing best-in-class motion control and systems technology in North America. From our start focusing solely on ball screws, we have grown into one of the industry leaders in linear, rotary, and multi-axis motion by offering a robust suite of products powering the automation of processes for businesses across the Medical, Laboratory, Packaging, and Manufacturing industries.

HIWIN entered the US market by establishing a subsidiary in a small 4,000-square-foot facility in Glenview, Illinois in 1992. The goal of this new business unit was to bring HIWIN’s superior ballscrew technology from Taiwan to the North American market

The HIWIN brand was rapidly recognized across the industrial space for its engineering expertise. The professionalism and dedication of that first team made quite an impact through hands-on customer contact and service interactions. Demand for new products grew quickly and it became clear that the Glenview facility would not be able to handle the needs of the business going forward – it was time to move.

A facility that could handle the demand for HIWIN products was located in Mount Prospect, IL, and opened its doors in 1998. Orders continued to grow and Hiwin’s market presence continued to rapidly expand – both in customer count and products offered. This forced yet another move to a larger facility in Elgin, IL in 2008.

Through this period of accelerated growth, it became clear that HIWIN needed a location that could grow with the business to assure continued success. HIWIN needed a location that could provide a transportation hub for the U.S. and North America in the center of the U.S. and have access to a qualified, local workforce, capable of fulfilling staffing needs at all levels.

Leadership identified a 15-acre site in Huntley Illinois’ Corporate Park that would provide for those needs and offer additional land for future expansion. In 2015, the Village Board of Huntley, Illinois, approved the construction of the current 120,000 sq ft office and warehouse. Construction began in 2016, and the team moved into the new facility in early February 2017.

The new HIWIN Corporation headquarters boasts a spacious training facility with expanded product displays, an updated quality and engineering lab for HIWINEngineers to ensure standards are met and new products are developed, and an ISO 9001-certified distribution center featuring a state-of-the-art, highly automated order picking system that feeds updated and expanded machining and assembly areas capable of storing over 2 million pounds of product..This new automation capability ensures the fastest lead times and the on-time delivery of products to meet customer requests. At the same time, we have expanded our Authorized Distributor network to 21 locations – 13 strategically located in the U.S., 6 in Mexico, and 2 in Canada to continue our growth and service to our customers.

The expanded facilities are the result of HIWIN’s aggressive development of new technology patents in mechanical, electrical, and robotic systems and the resulting release of new products in the mechatronic and electronic domains such as linear motor components and stages, direct drive and torque motor rotary tables, AC Servo motors, drives, industrial robotics, torque motor rotary tables, controllers, and Datorker® add R trademark strain wave gearing systems, offering customers guaranteed compatibility and a single motion system supplier.

Along the way, HIWIN has been recognized the world over for providing precision and reliability in the motion control space.

As space, products, services, and capabilities have expanded over the years – it has all been made possible by a highly qualified and experienced team of people, now 120 strong, dedicated to serving our customers with the best solutions, quality, and service possible. As we look to the future, President Joe Jou shared, “We have the products, the technology, and intelligence, and stand ready to meet the demands of new applications to power the future of the industry – whatever the demands may be.” Our journey continues as the world’s leader in motion control and system technology with unmatched precision and reliability.